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CHALLENGE TO CHANGE is a development education project aimed at young people attending primary and  post-primary Presentation schools.  It seeks to raise awareness, to bring about a greater understanding of global inequality and to allow young people see the impact of a changing global environment.  It seeks to empower them by exploring ways in which their actions at local level can impinge for the better on issues such as injustice, human rights, fair trade, racism and exploitation.  By informing the students and the wider community the project will bring about a heightened awareness, a social consciousness and a broader vision and appreciation of developmental issues.


  • To raise the profile of development education by encouraging the schools in our Presentation network to strengthen existing links and to forge new links with key strategic partners in their community 

  • To raise awareness and bring about a greater understanding of global issues

  • To create and foster a critical mindset in relation to inequality, social justice, human rights

  • To work with teachers in a cross-curricular and whole-school manner

  • To experience at first hand in a real and concrete way how local action can impact positively on global inequality

  • To forge closer links between the Irish students and those in developing countries

  • To develop an open, sharing and collaborative dialogue between our school communities and those of our Presentation network abroad

  • To disseminate information and good practice



  • That students will explore development education issues at a deeper, more focused level

  • That students and school communities will have a heightened understanding and greater awareness of current global issues

  • That students will develop a more critical mindset, become  more informed and socially aware

  • That students will develop a keen sense of justice, equality, fair play and human rights

  • That students will be motivated and enthused to take corrective action to redress inequality wherever it may manifest itself

  • That students will come to be more aware and conscious of the wider impact of their personal choices and actions on the global environment

  • That students will experience the value of collective action and strategic intervention in combating inequality and injustice

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