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National Implementation Plan for the SDGs 2022-2024

Just over two weeks ago, we were contacted by Coalition 2030, the SDG coalition who push for the implementation of the SDGs at home and abroad, to showcase our HLPF piece. This was perfect timing as the Second National Implementation Plan had just been launched on 5 October at an event attended by the three coalition government party leders as well as eight other Ministers. The plan is the roadmap for future implementation against which we will measure and assess government progress. Coalition 2030 had added our U.N. event to their website. Check out the updates section UN SDG news and resources on Once again, our students are leading the way and making a difference.

The Plan sets out five strategic objectives and 51 actions, with 119 individual measures to increase Ireland’s ambition and strengthen implementation structures to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Strategic Objective 1: To embed the SDG framework into the work of Government Departments to achieve greater Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

  • Strategic Objective 2: To integrate the SDGs into Local Authority work to better support the localisation of the SDGs

  • Strategic Objective 3: Greater partnerships for the Goals

  • Strategic Objective 4: To further incorporate the principle of Leave No One Behind into Ireland’s Agenda 2030 implementation and reporting mechanisms

  • Strategic Objective 5: Strong reporting mechanisms

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