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Change our habits, not their habitats!

Updated: May 20, 2022

Students at Presentation Secondary School Clonmel choose this title having studied sea pollution in geography and learned how animals are affected by this. They wanted to learn more about the serious issues happening in our seas and wanted to research how we could help. They felt this would be a topic that their year group would be enthusiastic about, alongside it currently being a popular global topic.

The students began their project by watching the Netflix original documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ which is based around the environmental impact of sea pollution, fishing and other human impacts on marine life. They then choose to focus on Sea Turtles after hearing of a rescue off the coast of Ireland on Christmas Day. They did some research into the animals discovering their habitats, their endangerment of extinction and our contribution to this. Next up was a zoom interview where we questioned marine biologist from Dingle Aquarium. Their chosen way of sharing the information they gathered was through presenting Powerpoints to all second-year classes in the school. Then they continued the project by making an information board, which summarised and included all of the information they had gathered over the past couple of months.

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