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The United Nations, along with the signatory countries to the SDGs, recognise that we are at a critical moment in terms of being able to slow down or reverse the path of global warming that we are on.

Did you know?

  • 98% of University accredited scientists around the world say that climate change is real and it is the result of human activity.

  • This is the last generation that will be able to take action to stop runaway climate change and save the planet. Soon it will be too late.

  • The Oceans and Forests, especially the Rainforests, are our best friends as they take in the C02 releasing oxygen in the process. We need to take better care of them.

  • The Glaciers are really melting. Sea levels are really rising. Low-lying lands are being taken over by the encroaching seas.

  • Ireland is very susceptible to these impacts.

Source: Development Perspectives

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